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Welcome to the Gizmo Garden Fund's "Voices" blog, where Maine teachers, librarians, and other educators can share their adventures in gender-balanced technology education.  To find posts organized by project theme or by equipment type, see the categories lists under "Read More" below.  There's also a category for posts about relevant academic studies and reports.  Continued...

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The Carnival is Coming: Q&A with Shawn Barnes of Windsor

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Math teacher Shawn Barnes coaches the Windsor Bobcats Lego robotics team.  Windsor is taking a two-pronged approach to achieving better gender balance in robotics:  exposing all students to robotics during science class to help students over the hump of inexperience, and expanding the equipment and activities of the after-school club, perhaps including a robotic carnival.  In this Q&A, Shawn talks about his after-school experiences and hopes.  Continued...

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Mixing it Up: Q&A with Anne Pietroski of Oceanside High

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Oceanside High in Rockland has a culture of mixing it up -- males working with females and traditional students working with Life Skills learners. Their Gizmo Garden Fund grant will enable art students to mix with robotics students to create a kinetic sculpture.  In this Q&A, Anne Pietroski answers questions on the school culture and the new project.  Continued...

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Exploration Anxiety: Q&A with Michael Praschak of Windsor Elementary

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Windsor Elementary hopes that incorporating Lego robotics into science classes will broaden the diversity of the kids who feel self confident enough and interested enough to join the after-school robotics club.  In this Q&A, science teacher Michael Praschak discusses how robotics experience will help students understand that failing is part of the process of discovery.  Continued...

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Print-A-Pet: Q&A with Mike Lee of Skidompha Library

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Gizmo Sprouts: Print-A-Pet

At the new Gizmo Spouts program, 5th-7th graders created Print-a-Pet robots. Designed and led by Skidompha Library 's Gizmo Mike, the program let students use 3D printers to create bodies, LEDs to make eyes flash, and servo motors to make wings flap and tails wag. Congratulations to all! For more info, contact GizmoMike@GizmoGarden.org

Posted by Gizmo Garden on Monday, May 8, 2017

In the following Q&A, Mike Lee of Skidompha Library in Damariscotta talks about pioneering a program enabling middle school students to create electronic pets.  Continued...

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