Why Technology

For every new Computer Science graduate in Maine, there are roughly eight in-state open computing jobs.  The Maine Department of Labor projects that computing jobs will grow 9% over the next decade, coming in slightly behind healthcare jobs (also about 9%) as the clear leaders in percentage projected growth.

Maine's labor department says that the average wage for computer jobs in Maine is $34/hour (over $70,000/yr).  Moreover, most computing jobs provide good benefits and flexible schedules.

With Maine employers recruiting from neighboring states and farther afield, shouldn't we be making sure that our own children have equitable opportunities to prepare for those jobs?

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Unemployment is zero. We just can’t find enough qualified people (in information technology). Stephen Crowley of Wex Inc. in the Portland Press Herald
The increasingly ubiquitous nature of technology means that all businesses, including those in traditional industries, require a level of technical knowledge. Maine Innovation Economy Action Plan 2017